Thursday, January 31, 2008

why do I still burn for you?

You know those songs that get stuck on repeat for days at a time? The ones that you listen to compulsively, then go so far as to force yourself to listen to something else for fear of ruining the song, only to turn back a few songs later? Sure you do. Generally speaking, I find these songs to be universally appealing, or appalling, depending on the person. One woman's treasure... Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to hear what song's been in heaviest rotation for everyone. I'll start:

Sun Kil Moon
- Carry Me Ohio

This song has been haunting me for a few weeks now. After missing the
Mark Kozelek show a few weeks back, I started to feel like I'd missed something big. I've never seen him, or any of his projects, live before... but he's kind of an "it-kid," at least by the critics I care to listen to, and it made me dig back into my digital archives to give Sun Kil Moon another shot. I think I came across a Paste write-up of Ghosts of the Great Highway a few years ago, found it intriguing, but didn't "get it" on the first listen. So I never really went back to it. Anyway, I get it now... and I can't get over it. It's a bit of a concept album, telling stories of famous boxers in addition to the typical love/loss fodder. "Carry Me Ohio" epitomizes the love/loss/regret bit, but Kozelek does a complete 180 on the next track "Salvador Sanchez," with a heavily distorted guitar rift and plaintive, soaring voice. I think the overall mood of the album is pensive, but there are enough uptempo songs to keep it out of the singer/songwriter/emo ouevre.

Who's up?

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  1. Speaking of Mark Kozelek, did anyone ever see 'Shopgirl'? It's a movie adaptation of a Steve Martin book with, of course, Steve Martin and Clare Danes and Jason Schwartzmann. Mark Kozelek has a more-than-cameo role where he plays a lot of his 'Ghosts of the Great Highway' songs. Worth a look, I think.