Monday, January 7, 2008

Parlour #2

Last night marked the second round of music parlour. This meeting was pretty informal (and a little rushed) as we combined music sharing with a nail-biting UNC-Clemson game.

Still, we explored a few new (and old) artists:
--Sara introduced us to Glossary.

--Rob played a few songs from Citay and Yeasayer. Fortunately for us, Yeasayer's playing in Chapel Hill at the Local 506 on January 17th. This will be the Music Parlour's first field there!

--Thanks to Jimmy, we learned about Bon Iver, who recently created For Emma, Forever Ago while hibernating alone in a Midwestern log cabin. Looks like the full album will be released in February.

--Jacquelyn showed up with a few old albums from her Austin days, and played The Flatlanders, Guy Clark, and Slaid Cleaves.

We decided to meet monthly, so the next meeting will take place in February. Who's hosting?


  1. Great parlour, folks. And followed by an even greater Wayne Ellington performance.

    We should invite him to the next one.

    Field trip #2: Bon Iver, Local 506, Feb. 18th

  2. Hello Yeasayer:

  3. Very excited about our inaugural field trip, hoping I can get out of call to make Yeasayer. Will definitely be there for Bon Iver.

    Also discussed this past week, Shearwater, who claimed NPR's Best Album of 2006, were #10 for the reissue in 2007.

    Like any proud Piedmont native, I'd also like to draw attention to the Avett Brothers' nod as well.