Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scheduling Snafu

One year of residency down, head hurting from celebration, attention was then paid to the upcoming rotation this morning, noted that I'm scheduled for a peds-ED shift AND clinic tomorrow morning, after working until 1am tonight...hmmm... that beer right there looks tasty.

Searching for light in an already bleak schedule, I found these:

7/5 Big Fat Gap - The Cave
7/6 Fleet Foxes - Local 506
7/11 Langhorne Slim - Cat's Cradle
7/11 Joe Romeo & the Orange County Volunteers - The Cave
7/12 The Club is Open Festival (Roman Candle) - Cat's Cradle
7/25 The Strugglers - Local 506
7/27 Wolf Parade* - Disco Rodeo
8/6 Mike Gordon - Lincoln Theater
8/8 Wilco/Bon Iver - somewhere in Cary, USA
8/12 The Hold Steady - Cat's Cradle
8/16 Shooter Jennings - Lincoln Theater
9/11 Silver Jews* - Cat's Cradle, Tix on sale 6/28
9/12 Old Ceremony - Pour House
9/29 Stereolab - Cat's Cradle
10/5 Black Keys - Disco Rodeo
11/8 Black Crowes - Lincoln Theater

* CDs I'm hoping will be at CD Alley this morning, with alternates The Submarines and First in Funk

Also, diggin' this right now - James, Ward, & Oberst

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Downhome Parlour

What a lovely evening we had at the farm. Music, food, a perfect sunset, and wide open space. I am content to leave well enough alone, so here is a list of what we heard:

silver jews

hello kavita
death cab for cutie
bobby bare, jr
the waifs
frightened rabbit
gillian welch

And we also listened to Rob's finds, and poured one out for our homie.*

Feel free to elaborate via comments or new posts.

*Not true.