Monday, November 26, 2007

Transition day!

I'm still making good with Jacquelyn's graduation gift from last May - a hefty CD Alley gift certificate, truly a gift that keeps on giving. I keep it in my back pocket for a monthly reward as I stumble through residency rotations. Today being my transition between the Emergency Department and Labor & Delivery, here's what I wanted and here's what I found:

Hoping to find:
The Foxymorons, Hesitation Eyes - I stumbled onto these folks with a Pandora "Wilco" or "Band of Horses" entry - can't remember which. I like 'em.

Harbours, Second Story Maker - Maybe another Pandora find, but I think it's divine intervention. They hail from the Mission, my favorite "place in the world where I don't live" and they add the "u" in their name like Sara did for our nifty blog.

Woulda bought:
Rilo Kiley - the first of two good tips from Sara, maybe a little too polished for me? They do have a tight, late 70s pop sound that my ears want more of.

Great Lake Swimmers, Onigiara - this sounds great - nice and laid back, but then Sara told me I should pick something local, which reminded me of what I saw at the Carrboro Music Festival...

Too impatient to place an order for the above, so I bought:
Kingsbury Manx, Aztec Discipline - these guys rocked the Farmer's Market stage back in September. I initially held off on a purchase because Ryan, the drummer, owns CD Alley and for some reason that would be weird at the register. Hope they'll play again soon.

Big Star, #1Record/Radio City - out of Stax in the early 70's and something that I should have bought a long time ago. Crisp and clean and a whole lotta soul. It was a tough call between this and the Live CD - there's always next time.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Great suggestions, I'm looking forward to checking them out. Thanks (or maybe not) for reminding me about Pandora, one of the most time-consuming internet interventions ever.

  2. Rilo Kiley- Close Call
    one of my fave's from her new album

  3. Rilo Kiley's newest album "Under the Blacklight" while not unpleasing leaves something behind. The album is the first on a new, more popular, label, and so the songs are more produced than composed. The previous album release "More Adventurous," which comes from an independent label, is just that--more adventurous. There the songs are eclectic as opposed to predictable. The instruments play just as large of a role as the vocals and lyrics, and they all combine for a compilation that is truly worth it.

  4. Who are you anon? Nix? kathyclark?

  5. I'm looking forward to my first music parlour meeting this week.

    Those Big Star albums (especially combined) are in my top 20 overall. Their sound (along with Neil Young's) is fresh nowadays and is what a lot of current bands are trying to capture - check out Midlake's 'Roscoe' and anything by Magnolia Electric Co, kind of similar maybe?