Sunday, November 18, 2007

Session #1

Out first Music Parlour was a huge success if not in quantity, then definitely by quality. Our inaugural compilation includes the following songs, and their contributor.

Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home (KJ)

The Boy Least Likely To – Rock Upon a Porch With You (Jacquelyn)

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Open Heart Surgery (Dave)

Tyler Ramsey - Ships (Sara)

Alela Diane – My Tired Feet (Jimmy)

Edit 11/26/07: Compilation #1, now available in .zip

Looking ahead - we'll have our next session at KJ and Dave's place, probably the first or second week in December. Details will be posted here.


  1. I thought I'd add a few words about my choice for the night's compilation. Tyler Ramsey hails from Asheville, NC. We first saw him open for Band of Horses in Raleigh, and I was blown away by his intricate finger picking, "Piedmont Blues" style guitar. He played over a simple percussion track, weaving his guitar work into a complicated layer cake of sound. He only played 3 or 4 songs for us that night, but they were all rife with talent. He also held his own as backing guitar with the Band of Horses.

    The song "Ships" is off his forthcoming album A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea, due out in January 2008. I think it highlights the cadency blues rhythm that struck me so much that night. I really hope he'll do some solo touring to support the album, as I'd love to see a full show from him.

  2. nice addition with the mp3 links! Here's a fun task: I'm done with the Emergency Department tomorrow morning and am making my monthly trip to CD Alley to celebrate the end of the rotation.

    Any advice on what I should purchase? I'd been thinking of some of the CDs you all have - Iron & Wine, Springsteen etc. but if we'll be swapping soon - is there anything you all would like to see me purchase??

    Also, when ripping music into itunes, what format should I be saving the music in?

    happy sunday! jgw

  3. Alela Diane was gonna be one of my next conributions but then I saw that Jimmy already mentioned her. Nice!