Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get 'em Mamis

I feel totally removed from the US music scene. Going out around here involves heavy club techno, or really old "alternative" music. It's unfortunate that there isn't more respect for the hip-hop/rap/R&B scene (and yes, I'm totally unapologetic in my affection for that genre) around here. With the recent closing of LaLa, I'll miss out on cheap, available music (actually Karl will miss out on this, and by extension, so will I).

NPR's All Songs Considered rarely plays respectable hip-hop/rap but they recently featured their "resident expert in hip-hop" and she had some great finds, specifically the Get 'em Mamis. So if you want to dance like these cool peeps, check 'em out:

Tracks are available for download on their site Get 'Em Mamis  and here

zSHARE - Soft Skin Remix.mp3

Get 'Em Mamis - Work

zSHARE - Get Em Mamis - All That Junk.mp3

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