Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beach House *side story*

Ok so funny story. I first read about Beach House in 2008 when their album 'Devotion' came out and I really liked a couple of their songs. My favorite being 'Gila'. So I was at Open Eye "studying" one day when 'Gila' started playing. I got all excited because I had just "discovered" this song (thanks to hype machine) so leave my study carrel and approach the barista, who happens to be an artista (de musica) and asked "Is this Beach House?", to which he replied "Yeah, it's from their new album!" Now, if you noticed the exclamation point you might be thinking that this is all BS because an Open Eye barista would never show this much affect to one of their customers. But it's true!! I happened to have "made a connection" with this particular guy. I didn't know it at the time, but I found out from Dave later that day that his name was Brian Howe, Open Eye worker by day, Pitchfork writer by spare time. Here's his picture if you don't know him (yes you can see that the pic was taken at the Eye)......and here is his take on Beach House's 2008 album 'Devotion' which received an 8.5 rating.

Now, After reading Nils and Kals posts I'm excited to check out Teen Dream, which Pitchfork describes as "the most diverse and listenable of their 3 full length LP's". Also, Mark Richardson gave it a '9'. ;)
yay for parlour blog!


  1. a barista that is an artista that takes coffee making as seriously as he takes music-writing!?! WTF?

  2. thank you for the incorporation of pictures into your posts. friends, let's all take note and try to spice up the parlour walls a bit, eh?