Thursday, May 29, 2008

A find

Getting ready for a marathon drive to the Northeast tonight and started thinking about listening options in the car. I knew that I wanted to have a couple of podcasts of 'This American Life.' In downloading those, I stumbled upon 'Live in Concert from All Songs Considered' podcasts. Check it out: Some great looking sets from a lot of bands/artists that we shared during our parlours.

I will try to carry the flame in Boston and start up a similar club (maybe even with a similar name). Hope you all do well. I'll check the blog occasionally for updates.



  1. thanks for the heads up. i actually got an email just a couple days ago from a friend telling me to check out AA Bondy.

    hope the drive went smoothly and you're enjoying the new england coast for a bit. i fully support the establishment of a NE chapter of the music parlour. all in favor?

  2. aye

    anyone heard new MMJ or Silver Jews?

  3. Just read some disappointing reviews of the new MMJ but I need to listen for myself.

    I am anxiously awaiting my Silver Jews preorder to arrive from Drag City, hopefully next week. I think the story about the cover of the new album is pretty rad (
    Somewhere in the middle of that interview.

    I also just found out through a weekly new music update I get about a singer/songwriter that might be up you guys' alley. His name is Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (
    milesbenjaminanthonyrobinson). It reminds me a bit of Bon Iver. What do you think?

  4. good luck up there, rob! we will miss you.