Saturday, December 15, 2007

Old Ceremony

Just back from an Old Ceremony show at the Cats Cradle, and I am truly inspired. This is the first time I've heard them live, and this band is VERY impressive. Although I'm not an expert critic, to me, their sound seems really tight, confident, and innovative.

I seriously felt like their songs could have been part of a Broadway play, they were so solid. Yet the sound was quirky and grassroots enough to speak to me in a bar. The xylophone in particular was an incredible addition to Django Haskins' already impressive guitar riffs.

The lyrics were as clear and impressive as the sound. This band's songs spoke to me. They were sincere, challenging, and meaningful. Django Haskins' words exhibit leadership. Their band's songs address the core issues of my life and, I would argue, of our time. How do I create a world of love, peace, and happiness? How do I negotiate and try to resurrect politics in a world where corruption is the only way to win? How do I overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles...and how do I do so with courage, hope, and tenacity?

I was inspired tonight not just by the Old Ceremony's sound, but by their musical thoughts on these questions. I think we should all listen. I showed up to the show with little cash, or I would have walked away with an album. I'll buy one anyway, and we can share.

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  1. I agree... I think TOC is a smart, highly relevant band who makes music that is fun to listen to, but requires a certain degree of intellectualism to really appreciate. Django is a brilliant song writer, with a penchant for writing extremely singable lyrics. And by way of full disclosure, I devolve into fangirl when I see Django out and about in Carrboro. But that shouldn't keep all you manly men from listening and enjoying!